The Network for South Asian single parents in the UK

Become part of a network which will provide you with social, emotional and practical support to build confidence, prevent isolation and combat the stigma attached to being a single parent in the South Asian community.

About Us

ASPN is dedicated to tackling the specific issues faced by single parents from a South Asian cultural background across the UK.

IWD Highlights

We recently hosted an event to celebrate International Women’s Day and all single mums! Watch the video to see some amazing highlights from the event. 

The full talks from our phenomenal speakers are also available on our In-Person Events page and on our YouTube channel.

We’ve got some exciting events coming up so make sure to check our Events page regularly!

What We Offer

in-Person Events

We host a variety of in-person events such as walks, picnics and cultural celebrations, with large and small groups.

Parents' Catch-Ups

We host parents' catch-up Zoom meets at which we discuss current topics and coping as a single parent.

expert Q&as

We hold Q&As with experts who might provide information and advice which is beneficial to single parents.

Wellbeing Sessions

We have hosted a programme of wellbeing sessions consisting of dance workouts and various exercises.


We provide guides with information and links to external sources which could help single parents, such as government financial support.

Member Queries

We have a Member Queries page where you can see questions from members and the useful replies which they received from others.

Member Stories

We hope to provide inspiration and strength to single parents by sharing stories of how members overcame challenges and adversity.

Why Choose Us




Funded Activities

Support Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to support our mission to build confidence, prevent isolation and combat the stigma attached to being a single parent in Asian families.

Member Testimonials

"A great group and very well organised events by Aruna. Such dedication and commitment to members. Lovely place to meet other single parents in a similar situation. Keep up the good work Aruna xx"
“This is a lovely group with friendly and supporting members. I have made a few really good friends through this platform. Aruna is really a great host and always committed to host well organised events. Great work Aruna."
"Over the years, we have attended various activities/functions and as a family we have thoroughly enjoyed these events. Thank you Aruna for your dedication. You are doing a fantastic job in bringing families together."

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