In-Person Events

We host a variety of in-person events such as walks, picnics and cultural celebrations. We organise events for the whole network but some events are location-based, and are organised by smaller groups in that area.

Event announcements for the whole network can be found on our social media channels, as well as in our newsletters. 

Upcoming Events

Find information for our upcoming events below. We hope you can join us 🙂

Past Events

Gravesend Gurdwara and Asian Single Parents Network Event

We collaborated with Gravesend Darbar Gurdwara to host a one its kind event, supporting the wellbeing of Asian single parents. 

It was a fantastic afternoon as we got to listen to inspirational speakers and participate in discussions on single parenting. The event was a great opportunity to hear about people’s single parent journeys and what they’ve been through, helping to normalise being a single parent in the South Asian community. 

It’s extremely important to raise awareness of the stigma and challenges faced by single parents, and this first of a kind event in a religious institution, is a positive step in the right direction.

See our ‘In The Media’ page for the ITV report on the event and our socials to see the feedback we received!

International Women's Day 2024: Celebrating Single Mums

We hosted an International Women’s Day event to celebrate all single mums.

The event was a fantastic celebration of female empowerment and resilience. Listening to all the phenomenal speakers was a truly unforgettable experience – it was inspiring to hear their journeys, what they’d been through and how they came out stronger, as well as find out what they’re doing now.

It was amazing to engage with everyone, as well as participate in Bollybhangra dancing and laughter yoga which boosted everyone’s mood.

The event was kindly sponsored by The Family Law Co, OurFamilyWizard and NDH Productions.