"Asian Single Parents. An amazing place to surround yourself with love and support. It’s hard enough being a single parent : add in typical Asian stigmas and it’s a lot worse. I’ve known Aruna for many years now and I’m so impressed with her compassion love and energy. She’s building an incredible community where people can meet, talk, socialise, connect, support each other and have lots of fun too! From small dinners to holidays she’s organised it all... all from the goodness of her heart.. If you know anyone who is an Asian Single Parent: NOW is the time for them to join this amazing group... " - March 2020 

 "It's such a good support group and I've met amazing people"  - March 2020 

 “ In this short space of time I have found ASP to be an inclusive, nurturing and really energising space. Aruna has made me feel very welcome and I have met some amazing single parents, which has been hugely inspiring. I have attended a range of events for both parents and for the children; all which have been well organised and hosted. The events are varied and it is a very active group so there has always been something suitable for my son and I to join in on a regular basis. Aruna is hugely inclusive and encourages us to "own" the group and is always open to input and suggestions (she even encouraged me to host an event myself!) I am very thankful to Aruna for setting this group up. Becoming a single parent is challenging for anyone but there continues to be a lot of stigma within Asian communities and connecting with others in a similar situation is very encouraging and inspiring. Thank you Aruna x ”  - July 2019

 “ I have been a member since 2016 and after passing my interview (lol) with Aruna she allowed me to join this group. I have been on a few events different types of events enjoying them all. Aruna goes out of her way to bring members together that she believes would connect with each other. There is a lot of planning that goes into arranging events. Aruna makes everyone feel welcome; she put a lot of thought and effort into her events. Thank you Aruna. ” - May 2019

 “ This is a wonderful and very well organised group. Aruna strives to ensure everyone is welcome and that there is a good mix of different events to suit everyone's tastes. Both myself and my son have made some good friends too. ”  - August 2019

 “ This is a lovely group with friendly and supporting members. I have made a few really good friends through this platform. Aruna is really a great host and always committed to host well organised events. Great work Aruna, keep it up. ”  - September 2018

 “ A great group and very well organised events by Aruna. Such dedication and commitment to the members. Lovely place to meet other single parents in similar situation. Keep up the good work Aruna.xx ” - December 2017

 “ This is a really lovely Meetup group run by the wonderful Aruna. She's a warm, friendly host and makes us feel very welcome. It's great for single parents from all backgrounds to share  experiences, relax and enjoy. We have been on a few outings with my children and Aruna also organises adult only events that have been fun too. Hope to attend more in the future. ” experiences, relax and enjoy. We have been on a few outings with my children and Aruna also organises adult only events that have been fun too. Hope to attend more in the future. ”  - September 2016

 “ This Meet up provides a great forum for single parents from all backgrounds to come together, share experiences, learn from others and most importantly an opportunity to enjoy themselves with and without children. Aruna is a dedicated host, who plans exciting and interesting activities regularly. This is by far one of the most active of all the meet ups I'm sign on to. A great life saver for us single parents! ” - July 2016

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