10 Years of the Asian Single Parents Network

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Last month, the Asian Single Parents Network CIC celebrated a very special milestone, our 10th Anniversary.

The first pic was taken just before the time when I started the group. The second is a more recent one. My daughter is now 18 going on 30 and just started university! She has been on this journey throughout, grown up with accompanying me on the 100s of meets we’ve held and one of the main reasons I set it up.

When I became a single mum, there was nothing else out there for single parents from the South Asian community. It was very difficult finding others to speak to who actually understood what I was going through as a single parent. I don’t think anybody truly does unless they’ve been through it themselves.

I craved company for my daughter and I, as many of my friends at the time were in couples and were busy at the weekends. I wanted company for us when doing activities, on day trips, but I also wanted her to know that she wasn’t the only one in a single parent household. There are many others out there. It’s so important for children to know that as well as adults.

That’s when I came up with Asian Single Parents, (ASP) as it was known then. A space where people in a similar situation could talk to others without being judged, and have the company of others when doing things that they would have otherwise done alone.

We are always receiving messages from members about the difference our community has made to their lives:
“Asian Single Parents. An amazing place to surround yourself with love and support. It’s hard enough being a single parent : add in typical Asian stigmas and it’s a lot worse. I’ve known Aruna for many years now and I’m so impressed with her compassion love and energy. She’s building an incredible community where people can meet, talk, socialise, connect, support each other and have lots of fun too! From small dinners to holidays she’s organised it all… all from the goodness of her heart.. If you know anyone who is an Asian Single Parent: NOW is the time for them to join this amazing group… “ 

“It’s such a good support group and I’ve met amazing people” 

“ In this short space of time I have found ASP to be an inclusive, nurturing and really energising space. Aruna has made me feel very welcome and I have met some amazing single parents, which has been hugely inspiring. I have attended a range of events for both parents and for the children; all which have been well organised and hosted. The events are varied and it is a very active group so there has always been something suitable for my son and I to join in on a regular basis. Aruna is hugely inclusive and encourages us to “own” the group and is always open to input and suggestions (she even encouraged me to host an event myself!) I am very thankful to Aruna for setting this group up. Becoming a single parent is challenging for anyone but there continues to be a lot of stigma within Asian communities and connecting with others in a similar situation is very encouraging and inspiring. Thank you Aruna “

These remind us why what we do here at ASPN is so important.

Our mission has always been to build confidence, prevent isolation and combat the stigma attached to being a single parent in South Asian families. We want to normalise being a single parent, but also remind others that single parents are both mums and dads.

We’re excited for our plans at ASPN and what the next 10/20 years hold for this growing community!

You can join us here www.aspnetwork.org.uk and visit our socials 
here: https://linktr.ee/aspnetwork

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