Member Query – Booking Holidays

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Members sometimes reach out to the Network with queries on various topics. They can receive a combination of responses as other members offer their suggestions and so does ASPN which may include general advice or links to resources.

“I have a question about half term break and summer holidays. Do you book these in advance and if so much far in advance? I book them a few weekend before each half term and I’m wondering if I should do a whole year plan so that we know where are are and what’s happening over breaks. I’ll be grateful for your feedback.”

Our latest member query is focused on booking half term break and summer holidays. Our members provided helpful replies based on their experiences planning and booking holidays:

Member 1:

We use Google Calendar and normally plan out the dates two terms in advance, so that we can organise our holidays. In this example, all the blue dots are time with Dad, orange is time with Mum. Makes it very easy to refer to.

Member 2:

I’m rubbish at this! But my friends usually plan for the year

Member 3:

I plan for the whole year. I’ve just created a 2024 school holiday plan and shared it with the ex so we both can organise our lives around it. And then tweak as necessary closer to the time if required.

Member 4:

Hi,I have a court order in place where any booked holidays need to be sent to the other parent 4 weeks before the date. All other holidays, if nothing is booked, then holidays are shared equally.

Member 5:

After the court, we try and get 2 sets of holidays booked in one go. I.e Christmas and February half term. Then do the next half term and summer. It allows all parties to plan and for the children to be aware of what is coming.

Member 6:

When my girls were younger we had to do dates 6 months ahead – but we had a court order.  It does help with holiday planning and bookings though (at the time it felt horrible though- being so formal).  Now my youngest is 16 so it’s all flexible as she can fix things with her Dad and work according to her studies.